MS Excel Shortcut Keys (Home Ribbon)

Shortcut KeysAction Functions
Alt+HFSIncrease Font Size
Alt+HFFChange Font Style
Alt+HATText to Top Align
Alt+HAMText to Middle Align
Alt+HABText to Bottom Align
Alt+HALShift content to Left Align
Alt+HACShift content to Center Align
Alt+HARShift content to Right Align
Alt+HMShift content to Merge & Center
Alt+H5Content decrease Indent
Alt+H6Content Increase Indent
Alt+HFCChange Text Color
Alt+HHChange Cell Color
Alt+HBSelect and create a Border style around the Cells
Alt+H1Text Bold
Alt+H2Text Italic
Alt+H3Text Underline
Alt+HFPSelect Format Painter
Alt+HVSPaste Special
Alt+HCCopy Text
Alt+HXCut Text
Alt+HFQRotating the Text Vertically or Diagonally
Alt+HPNumeric Percentage Style
Alt+HKNumeric Comma Style
Alt+H0Numeric Increase Decimal
Alt+H9Numeric Decrease Decimal
Alt+HLSelect the Conditional Formatting Bar
Alt+HLHDSelect and highlight the Duplicate vales in the desire range of cells
Alt+HTTable Format
Alt+HIIInsert New Cell
Alt+HIRInsert New Row
Alt+HICInsert New Column
Alt+HISInsert New Sheet
Alt+HDDDelete cell
Alt+HDRDelete Row
Alt+HDCDelete Column
Alt+HDSDelete Sheet
Alt+HOHChange the Row Height
Alt+HOAAutoFit Row Height
Alt+HOWChange the Column Width
Alt+HOIAutoFit Column Width
Alt+HODDefault Width
Alt+HOUHide and Unhide Row / Column / Sheet
Alt+HORRename Sheet
Alt+HOMCopy or Move Sheet
Alt+HOTChange the Tab Color
Alt+HOPProtect Sheet by using a Password option
Alt+HOLLock Cell
Alt+HOEFormat a Cell
Alt+HSSAuto Sum in a range of cells
Alt+HASAuto Average in a range of cells
Alt+HACAuto Count Numbers in a range of cells
Alt+HAMAuto count the maximum number in a range of cells
Alt+HAIAuto count the minimum number in a range of cells
Alt+HFIDFill Down or Use Ctrl+D
Alt+HFIRFill Right or use Ctrl+R
Alt+HFIUFill Up
Alt+HFILFill Left
Alt+HFIJJustify the Text
Ctrl+Shift+LCreate a Filter of a selected Cells
Ctrl+FFind the specific Value
Ctrl+HFind and Replace the specific Value, Number or Text
Ctrl+SData saving in the active workbook
Ctrl+CCopy Text, Number, Image or anything in the desire range of cells, array or range
Ctrl+XCut Text, Number, Image or anything in the desire range of cells, array or range
Ctrl+VPaste Text, Number, Image or etc.
Ctrl+ZUndo: Quickly to rescind a previous action
Ctrl+YRedo: the previous action
Alt+HVSEPaste Special → Transpose: Convert data into rows/columns
Ctrl+Shift+↑Selection of Cells and Move Up
Ctrl+Shift+↓Selection of Cells and Move Down
Ctrl+Shift+→Selection of Cells and Move Right
Ctrl+Shift+←Selection of Cells and Move Left
Ctrl - LDelete (Shift Cells Left)
Ctrl - UDelete (Shift Cells Up)
Ctrl - RDelete (Entire Row)
Ctrl - CDelete (Entire Column)
Ctrl+)Hide Column
Ctrl+(Hide Row
Alt+HANKey for select or change currency sign (dollar, Pound, EU, PRC, etc)