CAPM Calculator | Capital Asset Pricing Model

I Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is a financial analysis tool that assists investors to measure the expected rate of return on investment carried out on its risk level.

CAPM Calculator

Instructions: Use this calculator to find out the CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) of a company. Please input the Risk-free rate (%), Expected return of the market (%), and Beta for Stock in the form below:

CAPM Formula

CAPM = Risk-free Rate + β x (Market Return – Risk-free Rate)


Risk-free Rate = A rate of return on government risk-free investment

Market Return = An expected rate of return based on market

Beta or β = Market risk sensitivity

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Net Present Value NPV Calculator Excel | Internal Rate of Return IRR Calculator

Net Present Value is primarily applied financial measure in investment analysis, capital budgeting, and corporate finance to measure the opportunity of project investment and make rational decisions about whether to accept the underlying project or not. NPV is also recognized as TVM (time value of money) calculated by discounting the future cashflows to PV (present value) at a specific discount rate.

Net Present Value NPV and IRR Calculator Excel

Instructions: In order to use this NPV Calculator Excel & IRR of a project, please input the discount rate in terms of %, initial project cash outlay in “Year 0” and the cash inflows for a period of time in the form below to get the answer:

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